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Colored Shoe Sole Kit- Blue Sticker

160 د.إ

  • This kit changes the colour of your shoe soles on any pair of heels. 
  • Protects the shoe sole from damage with a thin rubberized layer on the area of the sole that comes in contact with the ground.
  • This built in layer is both textured and rubberized to grip more like a tennis shoe instead of the typical smooth bottom of most heels.
  • The rubber is soft enough not to scratch floors, but is also resilient to most oils and other chemicals. It also cleans easily to help keep the bottoms looking new.
  • Sole: rubber
  • Heel Type: Stiletto
  • Shoe Width: Regular
  • Covers any damage or inperfections already on the shoes sole. It is flexible and will stretch to conform to the complex curves of most soles.
  • Self adhesive design that will work with virtually any brand shoe in any size.
  • This is a complete installation kit with instructions and a precision razor blade (we also sell a deluxe kit with knifeless tape. 

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