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Ever wished there was a GCC specific market place for you to sell your own items, hassle free? Somewhere to sell your unwanted, preloved or handmade items. Well now there is!! The RetailTherapyDXB marketplace will let you list your own items free of charge until sold, and then we would charge a 20% commission per sale. All delivery processes are handled by RetailTherapyDXB. Simply send us your product details then sit back and wait for us to notify you of a sale. Our team of professional couriers will then be dispatched to collect and deliver the items. Listing your own products on RetailTherapyDXB couldn’t be easier.

RetailTherapyDXB helps sell your stuff for you, such as:

  1. Your used items such as bags, watches and accessories
  2. Handmade items that are brand new such as T-shirts, accessories, and more

Terms & Conditions:

  • All items must be in a good condition to be sold on RetailTherapyDXB
  • No fake items are allowed to be sold on RetailTherapyDXB
  • Listing of products is free of charge, RetailTherapyDXB will only charge a commission rate after the item has been sold
  • 20% commission will be taken by RetailTherapyDXB for each sale
  • RetailTherapyDXB will arrange all deliveries on your behalf. Once your product has been sold, we will send a courier to you to pick up the item, and after the item has been delivered to the customer the courier will deliver the money to you.
  • If customers are not satisfied with the product that was sold to them, they are entitled to 3 days to exchange or refund